Greeting Card "Fantail with Vines"

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NZ Fantail - Piwakawaka

Is a small insectivorous bird found widely throughout NZ and its offshore island, including the Chatham Island and Snares Island. It grows to 16 cm in length, of which half is the tail, which, as the name implies, is often displayed fanned out. They have two colour forms, pied and black, the pied birds are grey-brown and yellowish with white and black bands around eyes and neck. These pretty little birds are not shy they will flit around you when walking through native bush catching any flying insects that may be disturbed. 

Greeting Card is printed in New Zealand on quality recycled paper

All Stone Arrow handcrafted jewellery comes with gift packaging sharing the story behind the handmade design.

All our silver and copper is 100% recycled.

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