Recycled Glass Bottle Jewellery Designs


These designs are all made from used bottles taken from the waste stream, amazing what you can transform them into!  

Our aim is to create designs so stunning you choose to wear them on because they look good, the fact that they are recycled is just an added bonus.  

We have invented numerous new ways of working with this medium in our purpose built factory in Golden Bay New Zealand and believe we are world leaders in creating stunning original designs from recycled bottle glass.                                                                                       We use a range of techniques to create these sustainable designs including cutting and grinding with diamond wheels, melting in a kiln and sandblasting to etch designs into the glass.

See here for more information on how we make them

Our favourite bottles are Bombay Sapphire Gin, Jagermeister Schnapps, Lindauer Sparkling wine, Stones Ginger Wine and Weleda Lotion.

The earring hooks are all designed and handmade by us from recycled Sterling Silver and they come with rubber stoppers for extra security.  Note: at present the chains on the pendants are not made from recycled metal.