Greeting Card "Mischievous Ones"

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NZ Kea if found in the South Island's alpine region. They are nationally endangered with a population estimated between 1000-5000 and are a protected species. The Kea is the world's only alpine parrot and one of the most intelligent birds. They are olive  - emerald green edged with black and bright orange and yellow on the underside of its wings. Survival in the harsh alpine environment has forced the Kea to become inquisitive helping them to find new food sources. They are highly social and their endearing and mischievous behaviour can cause conflict with people when using their enormously strong beaks to manipulate novel objects.

Greeting Card is printed in New Zealand on quality recycled paper.

All Stone Arrow handcrafted jewellery comes with gift packaging sharing the story behind the handmade design.

All our silver and copper is 100% recycled.

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