In Māori culture huia were rare, sacred birds, treasured for their plumes.  Their feathers were mostly worn by people of high rank. Credible sightings are recorded as late as the sixties.

The value of huia feathers went beyond rank, with a marekeo of 12 tail feathers worn as a war plume.  Feathers were also worn at tangi (funerals) and to decorate the heads of the deceased.

The huia is said to have been a quiet and social bird. They weren’t strong fliers and moved easily along the ground or amongst trees.

Huia had black feathers and the females had the distinct long beaks, which were great for digging into dead wood for bugs.  Their beaks were ivory white and they had twelve long tails feathers. The tail feathers have inspired our stunning recycled glass jewellery series about the huia.

We make recycled sterling silver, recycled copper, paua, greenstone and recycled glass bottles into a beautiful range of jewellery in Golden Bay, New Zealand.  

We are committed to being a socially and environmentally sustainable business and are a member of the New Zealand Sustainable Business Network. We aim to minimize our footprint on the world in any way we can.

If you’d like to keep a little piece of New Zealand close to you, while also honouring the memory of the huia bird, check out our huia inspired range


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