Far away from home? Keep a little piece of New Zealand history with you wherever you go. Huia birds have captured the imagination of many over the years and we’ve created some stunning silver jewellery inspired by these gentle birds. Though they were last officially seen in 1907, these beautiful birds (who would to mate for life) have remained alive through stories, art and song.

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Paua Shell

Do you have a long distance love affair with the deep, dreamy colours of the pāua shell? We love them too! Pāua really do make beautiful jewellery.

Did you know that their bright colours are due to their seaweed based diet, namely - brown and red algae and bladder kelp?  And just like us, every single shell is different.

Where ever you are around the world, take a look at our paua pieces and let us know if you’d like us to send some your way.

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