Cabbage Tree

Are you a Kiwi based overseas?  So is one of our favourite trees! We’ve based quite a few of our handcrafted jewellery pieces around it.   

Māori used them as guide-posts and to mark significant sites like urupā.  They call them tī kōuka. Over time they’ve been used for food, fibre, medicine, to both start fires, and to resist fire. Captain Cook, and early settlers, brewed beer and other drinks with them.

What are we talking about? The iconic New Zealand cabbage tree.  

You’ll find them all through New Zealand, they are instantly recognisable with their spiky leaves.  

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If you’ve enjoyed a Kiwi summer or two, chances are the iconic yellow kōwhai flower would have been part of it.

One of the best known trees in New Zealand, the kōwhai blooms in spring and summer.  Those flowers are unofficially seen as New Zealand’s national flower.

If you’d like to keep a touch of Kiwi summer with you all year round check out our kōwhai inspired range …

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Fantails Pīwakawaka

Dreaming of the good times in Aotearoa/New Zealand?  How about being followed by a cheeky fantail? Also known as pīwakawaka, these loud, busy birds specialise in following other animals, including us, to eat the small insects that emerge as we move the ground beneath our feet.

If you’d like to be followed everywhere you go around the world by one of these iconic Kiwi birds, check out our pīwakawaka inspired, handcrafted jewellery range …

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Dreaming of home sweet home? We hope the sight of this delicate, pink New Zealand tree fuchsia flower will bring a little bit of Aotearoa to you, wherever you are. We’ve also created some beautiful jewellery inspired by this flower. Māori call it kōtukutuku. When its flowers are green, it’s letting birds know nectar is available. When its flowers are pink it’s telling them not to bother popping by.

Check out our fuchsia inspired pieces …

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Far away from home? Keep a little piece of New Zealand history with you wherever you go. Huia birds have captured the imagination of many over the years and we’ve created some stunning silver jewellery inspired by these gentle birds. Though they were last officially seen in 1907, these beautiful birds (who would to mate for life) have remained alive through stories, art and song.

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Paua Shell

Do you have a long distance love affair with the deep, dreamy colours of the pāua shell? We love them too! Pāua really do make beautiful jewellery.

Did you know that their bright colours are due to their seaweed based diet, namely - brown and red algae and bladder kelp?  And just like us, every single shell is different.

Where ever you are around the world, take a look at our paua pieces and let us know if you’d like us to send some your way.

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